“You listened, cared and gave us the flexibility to go in any direction we wanted. You negotiated with vendors and surprisingly earned your entire fee with what we saved on our first vendor! You far exceeded our expectations. Our family will miss you.”
—Eugene D’Andrea



“It was so comforting knowing you were right there whenever I needed you… Thank you for making our wedding so relaxing for us.”
—Anastasia and Frank Primis



“You were organized, patient, relaxed and got along with all of the people “involved” in the day (how you did this I’ll never know) , but you put my mind at ease and were just what I wanted.”
—Sophie and Bryan Riegal



“We have such fond memories—we could not have accomplished all the details without your help. You were the perfect person to work with—guiding us and helping us but never being pushy or overwhelming.”
—Jan Hard



“Gina, I love you! You didn’t miss one beat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—Annie Cohen



“Your sense of humor and willingness to do whatever makes you a very special planner. We cannot thank you enough.”
—Sallie Robinson



“Thank you so much for giving me the stress free, smooth sailing wedding of my dreams.”
—Jill Ehrlich



“Because of our experience with you, the first thing I say when anyone asks for my advice on weddings is ‘hire a wedding planner!’ Thank you so much for making a very special time in our lives as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.”
—Karen and Dr. James Yao



“It was absolutely the best day of my life and that was largely due to your hard work. Many of my guests even commented on how efficient and kindly focused you were on making everything so perfect for us.”
—Carey Melzer



“Everytime I look at the pictures, I remember what a beautiful and unique day it was! I feel like the fates threw basically everything at us (oh, that rain!) and somehow you still came off with a wonderful party. Thank you…”
—Anne Cortina Perry